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Are you looking to start up a Certified Repair Station? Glad you clicked the ad and I implore you to take a moment and read below.

If you've ever managed a repair station, then you know how hard a job it can be to run a profitable repair station. So I had some ideas and made a few structural changes to the operation and the 2nd time around.....wow, what a game changer. The ideas have been tested real time, real world, real CRS operation conditions, and the business plan works.

It'll work for you, if you have the right ingredients, the right Personnel Type, and it'll work at any US General Aviation Airport. 

It's profitable as a stand-alone operation or network of successful satellite facilities. The growth potential is huge.


There's a difference with this Repair Station Business Plan!


  • Minimal equipment and material investment

  • Efficient front end operating system designed for AOG Services that maintains compliance of FAA  



  • Healthy Personnel/Company pay structure

  • Significant growth potential

  • Proven Business Plan


I'm the owner of AOG Services LLC and I started my first FAR Part 145 Repair Station in year 2000, and then the 2nd in 2010. Prior had been a successful avionics lead tech for Duncan Aviation (Lincoln), Piedmont Aviation Services (North Carolina), and West Star Aviation (Colorado). I've been an avionics professional since 1986.

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AOG Services LLC